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Welcome to the Black Girl Nail Blog

Hello! So glad for you to join us, and click on this website. You’re probably wondering what this blog will contain, well in this first post I will tell you. One thing I won’t do on this blog, is hold any secrets from you guys. This blog will literally be an open book for all things black girl nails and nail enhancement. From nail tech journey guides, to the latest designs in the nail industry, I will uncover myths and taboos that involves the nail industry.

Other nail blogs only discuss, the nail lacquers, and the cute little prints for manicures.


Not to throw any shade, but there’s so much more to discover with the scope of the black girl nails industry. I wanted to create a space where black girls, felt comfortable to discuss nail tips, questions, and their nail mishaps, without feeling awkward.

Now I may get a lot of heat from that last sentence, however there are already spaces made for people who are not of color, hell they have MORE than enough spaces made for them. I digress, the point though is that this blog is for those women of color who want to not only learn and gain new information, but for networking as well.

Black Girl Nails Networking

As I know I am starting off small, the ideas I have for this blog is out of this world. Since the nail industry is so untapped into (in the sense of delivery of info), it would be the perfect opportunity for people of color to come together on this blog.

Get Active!

I plan on creating content at least once/twice a week, depending on how active you guys are to the posts. I have ideas of some content, but you guys make the blog, I’m here to be of assistance to you guys on all things related to black girl nails.

So without further a do, leave comments, concerns, questions, and ideas of what content you’d like to see on this blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the latest updates on this blog.

– The Nail Brief: Briefing You On What’s New

Brief Everyone Else On What's New!


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