Gel Finish or Strong Acrylic: What’s Your Nail Type?

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As Saweetie say, that’s my type, ni**a that’s my type, but what’s your specific nail enhancement type? Did you even know that there were different types of false nail appliances? When I first started researching I definitely didn’t.

Nail Enhancement Scale

There are mainly four types of nail enhancements.

  • Acrylic
  • Gel(s)
  • Fiberglass
  • Silk Wraps

To determine which nail enhancement is the best honestly depends on the lifestyle you live. To determine which one is best is to simply ask yourself these questions.

  • How long do you want to keep your nail enhancements?
  • How durable do you want your nail enhancements to be?
  • Do you have the time to consistently keep your nail enhancements maintained?

These questions will literally help in the long-run as to which nail enhancement you prefer. EACH NAIL ENHANCEMENT TYPE SERVES A SPECIFIC PURPOSE. Keep in mind that each enhancement requires different types of care and maintenance regardless of which one you choose.

Acrylic Nail Enhancement

This lately has been the most common type of nail enhancement I have seen within the media, and is considered the oldest form of nail extension. Acrylic nail enhancements work by the process of mixing monomer and polymer, and then using either a false nail tip, or sculpting to create a protective layer over the natural nail. Acrylics have been taking over the nail game for awhile (takin’ ova the 99’s and 00’s LOL), the reasons why are pretty simple.

If you’re the type of person who wants long lasting nails, then acrylics are for you. Not only do they last long, but they are strong, very durable, and you don’t have to necessarily get them done every two weeks, although it is highly recommended. What makes them even better is that if you can’t make it to a nail salon to get them removed you can remove them at the crib!

The downside to acrylics is that if you get them done, overtime they cause damage to your nail, they become dusty, and the fumes when you are getting them applied can become annoying.

Gel(s) Nail Enhancement

The second most common nail enhancement is gel. Gel is a mixture that can be put over a false nail tip, or sculpted over the natural nail. If you’re the type of person who wants a more eco-friendly nail enhancement, and want to strengthen your nails then gel is for you. This type of enhancement requires a UV light between layers to make the enhancement stronger.

Its like stronger than a natural nail, but a little more flexible than an acrylic nail (if that makes sense?). This type of enhancement is for those who are trying to strengthen their nails, or those who have bitten nails. And a good thing about gel is that it doesn’t have a strong odor compared to acrylics. The downside to gel nail enhancements is that they aren’t as durable as acrylics, the removal of gel enhancements can be time consuming because they have to be drilled off, and can’t be done at home.

Fiberglass & Silk Nail Wraps

Last but certainly not least are the fiberglass and silk wrap nail enhancements. They are applied the same way, you cut pieces of the fiberglass or silk, apply to the false nail tip or nail bed, then they are sealed with glue. This is typically for those who are allergic to the chemicals that gel and acrylic have for the application process of nail enhancement.

They help strengthen your natural nail, and have a natural look to them. You can easily peel them off too, if need be before your next nail appointment for a fresh set. And they don’t cause damage to the natural nail. Bad part about this enhancement is that they can be very expensive, everybody can’t do them well. Which requires you to get weekly/bi-weekly maintenance.

Other Nail Enhancements

A few other nail enhancements I have seen within the media but I don’t have the best resources for are corn-starch nail enhancements, dip powder nail enhancements, and press-on nail enhancements. From what I have seen so far is that these are inexpensive nail enhancement options. The information on them varies due to how relatively new these nail enhancement types are.

If you have more information or tips on these nail enhancement options, put them in the comment section below. As always don’t forget to subscribe to the Nail Mafia!

-The Nail Brief

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