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Nail Season of 2020

Hey Nail Mafia! We back at it again with the nail blog. And I will be discussing what could be considered the latest nail styles for each season throughout this year.

Spring Blingin’

Nail Season - Spring

Yes, so honey, the latest colors for spring is always the pastels. The baby blues, the powdered pinks, purples, and definitely greens are what’s in season. When it comes to the patterns that are for spring is definitely the gradual transitions from light to dark colors, which is also known as ombre. And let’s not forget the flowers, and butterflies, yes definitely for the new beginnings that awaits during this season. As for the shapes I’d say it’s more so manicures, and anything that is short and classy. This definitely during the time to also get a cute short french tip too. This is the time when you need to be trying to grow healthy nails, to get ready for those hotter months when you trying to be a hot girl (LOL)! A little bling on them also won’t be bad either, if you want to show you still top two but ain’t two.

Also during the spring for my college girls who experience those lit spring break trips, I’d also suggest doing one solid color to match those cute neon bathing suits y’all be wearing (Yes boo, I see y’all out here in Miami)! So you givin’ these boys out here a little spice with the outfit and the nails showin’ a little bit of nice (PERIOD).


Probably my favorite time of the year to act up, is the summer. Livin’ your best life, weather feeling great, the late cool nights, and woke up to the radio, the forecast hit the D with 84′ (as a Detroit native I had to). So the nail feels I always get that I have been seeing in style lately is neon nail colors, the cute a** glitters omg, and definitely you can’t leave out the chrome nails. The cute bright look to your nails always give people a stare (as they should).

Also what I have been seeing are the cute designs where you let yourself or your fav nail tech do a freestyle set. The creativity in the summer time literally jumps out, and I am all for it to be very honest. It just really gives me those vibes, and show your prints some love too during this time of the year. ALSO honey the encapsulated nailssssss, whew a look I really enjoy in the summer, the sun just be glistening on the nails looking beautiful.

The long tapper square is definitely gonna have everybody shook, the long coffin nails are where its at, and to top it off with the stiletto nails, or you can mix up each shape of nail together, baby too cute.

Fallin’ Into Autumn

Burgundy, orange, yellow, the nudes, the browns, and greens are the colors that come to mind for the autumn season. I love a cute matte top coat during this season, it looks so appealing to the eye when you take a nailfie against a cute background. The leaf designs on a nail are so cute to me, or the gold foils too, literally gorgeous. The shapes I highly recommend for this season is the almond nails, or ballerina. They not too short, but not too long either, the right length you feel me? This is the time when the colors start to settle down, but not too much, its just enough. Giving more earth vibes.

Winter Time Grind

Just as the headline say, its grinding season, which means dark colors to go against that pretty white snow. And during this time we can’t forget the adorable holiday colors, with the silver and gold to top it off. The cute holiday designs matching with the cute holiday pajama sets, absolutely adorable. Something that I feel is slept on during this time of the year is the holographic nails, they are definitely underrated.

Nail Season - Winter

The nail shape that is popular during this time are the medium length coffin nails to wrap around the hot coffee drinks, ugh yes feeling all nice and snug. A lot of patterns like plaid, polka-dots, the sweater-like nail art, are perfect for the winter season. Having me feeling all the love and happiness that you should be feeling during this time of year. YOU CAN’T FORGET THE SNOWFLAKE DESIGNS HONEY! How could you forget? The cute colors you probably least expect, you know the cocktail colors? Those are what you end the year off with, right in time for the ball to drop and get ready for the next year.

On The Next Go Round

That’s a wrap on the styles for each season of this 2020 year. Curious to see about next year? Stay tuned love. As always don’t forget to comment, and subscribe. What you think are some up-coming looks? Let me know in the comment section honey!


Brief Everyone Else On What's New!


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